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Robbins Children's Programs is the education resource of choice for families in the Attleboro area. Open year round, we offer full day child care for children age 4 weeks old through 8th grade. We provide parents with a peace of mind and confidence that their children will be nurtured and given opportunities to grow and develop through a balance of learning and fun. Our goal is to provide a home away from home environment, which is especially important for those children encountering their first experience away from home. We offer daylong infant and child care that includes educational programs, fun activities and nutritious snacks. Transportation is also provided on five agency vans and two 13-passenger mini-school buses.

We focus on providing each child with attentive, individualized care that ensures their happiness and health. They also participate in age-appropriate interactive activities that teach them how to adapt socially to others. Whether you need daily, all-day care, after-school care, or as-needed care, you feel good about entrusting your child to us.

The mission of Robbins Children's Programs is to provide quality, affordable child care to families in the greater Attleboro area. The agency is committed to creating an environment where children can develop age appropriate intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills and to assist families in increasing the tools to help their children learn and grow into healthy, happy, successful members of our community.

Robbins Children's Programs strives to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive child care program attainable. This vision is achieved by meeting and exceeding state licensing standards, as well as accreditation standards set by national organizations.